Task of memo

To: Ovations Minneapolis Managers

cc: Administrative Assistants

Date: February,20 2010

Subject: Congratulations to dr.David Parsaoran,SE.MM

As Ovations continues to grow in size and complexity, there is a need for more formal coordination of the fifth floor administrative staff and Ovations-wide projects. To this end, I am pleased to announce that, effective immediately, david parsaoran has been promoted to office manager. In her new role, David will:

1. Directly supervise the fifth floor administrative staff. Currently, David is involved in assisting in the selection and evaluation of fifth floor administrative staff, balancing workload and coordinating schedules. While administrative staff will continue to retain a strong relationship with the executives they support, this new arrangement will enable Ovations to more easily realign administrative support assignments as business needs change. Over the last year and a half, David and the administrative staff have developed into a strong team; I applaud them for this. I am confident that David’s direct supervision of the administrative staff will further build this team as well as enable Mary to support the development needs and interests of the administrative staff.

2. Work with senior leaders on projects that span Ovations business lines or require cross-functional coordination and response. Initially this will include the Department of Defense TriCare Proposal and other projects related to new or expanded business opportunities.

To assist David in this broader responsibility, an additional administrative assistant will be named to provide my principal support. David will remain involved in prioritizing key issues that require my attention and consulting with our leadership on how to best address these needs.

David will continue to work from her current office and can be reached at [phone] or [email].

During her two and a half years with Ovations, david has demonstrated an unwavering work ethic, sound judgment, enormous flexibility and, above all, outstanding performance.

Please join me in congratulating DF David on her expanded responsibility and forward this message to your employees


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