sales letter

Business Suite

April 21, 2010

Mrs.  Tuti Alawiyah

Dear Mrs. Tuti:

Here is your opportunity to endow a child with one of life’s most precious gifts – a love of good reading.  Every youngest should have access to the fun and excitement of fine, wholesome literature – reading that encourages him to search out more of the high quality. THE CHILDREN STORIES offers over 1,000 pages of the best literature for children of all ages – from the youngest to the teen-ager.

All three handsome books in the beautifully designed cloth bindings are crammed with charming, illustrations created by famous Dorren Smith, the famous children’s illustrator.  There are 300 exciting black and white drawings and the original pictures by the original artists from such outstanding classics as Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Doctor Dolittle, and Alice in Wonderland, drawing for its catchy limericks… PLUS ten full color of illustrations.  Here are fascinating stories, poems, folk fairy tales, myths and legends, adventure and humor stories, historical, fiction and lives of great men and women.  They are ideal for parent who enjoys reading aloud to his youngsters as well as for the child who likes to read for himself.

And here’s the most amazing part… the complete CHILDREN STORIES (all five books) can be yours at the special low, low prices only  TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) plus two dollars ($2.00) for shipping and handling charge.  Our supply of this lovely five volume set is limited and we will fill all orders on a first come first serve basis.  So, to avoid disappointment, be sure to mail your order now.

No child should miss the pleasure and education found in truly fine reading.  We urge you to take advantage of getting your copies of this valuable set.  SEND NO MONEY – but mail your order TODAY!

Respectfully yours,

David Parsaoran
Sales Manager


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